About Us

We are the standard identifier for advertising assets in the United States. By using Ad-ID, you enjoy the benefit of a single system creating unique codes which differentiate your assets from one another throughout the advertising supply chain.

Our codes are 11 characters for standard definition ads and 12 characters for high-definition or 3D ads. Each code begins with a 4-character prefix which is licensed to a specific advertiser. After the prefix is the seven character code which may be followed by an “H” or “D” if there is a specific media definition.


Image of Code Structure


Similar to how your driver’s license number can be used to pull your driving record, an Ad-ID code can be used to pull additional information about the ad, like the ad title, length, and product information.

Understanding these details about the ad are important which is why Ad-ID is the preferred ad identifier among major media publishers. It is also why the collective bargaining agreement between SAG-AFTRA and the ANA-4A’s Joint Policy Committee (JPC) was updated in 2014 to require all ads featuring SAG-AFTRA union members, produced for television, radio, and digital platforms, use Ad-ID as the sole commercial identifier. For more details, visit our Support portal.

Our goal is to streamline the media supply chain to ensure the right ad is shown to the end consumer effectively and efficiently.