Ad-ID Stats as of December 5, 2017

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The Latest News

Wednesday, 25 October 2017
It is music to my ears when people in the industry get and support what we’re doing at Ad-ID.
Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Forging a new path for talent, traffic, and distribution.
Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Clearcast in the U.K. has established a new portal called Media Central for advertisers and agencies that need help navigating the world of video ads.
Wednesday, 25 October 2017
As of June 2017, Ad-ID customers can rate their customer service experience through their email interactions with the support team.

Special Announcement

Ad-ID Holiday Hours
Customer relations will be available during limited hours on the following dates:

Friday, 12/22: 9am-1pm ET (6am-10am PT)
Monday, 12/25: closed
Tuesday, 12/26: closed
Wed-Thurs, 12/27-12/28: 10am-2pm ET (7am-11am PT)
Friday, 12/29: 9am-1pm ET (6am-10am PT)
Monday, 1/1/18: closed

We will reopen at 9am ET (6am PT) on Tuesday, 1/2/18.

Ad-ID System Update

We will be performing an Ad-ID system update on Sunday, December 17.

To accommodate the update, the Ad-ID system will be unavailable from 10:00am ET (7:00am PT) to 10:00pm ET (7:00pm PT) on Sunday, December 17.  

Video Spotlight

VAST 4.0 / Interoperability & Ad-ID

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