Ad-ID Stats as of February 6, 2020

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The Latest News

Friday, 06 September 2019
{New York, NY} MediaQurator and Ad-ID are excited to announce a collaboration initiative delivering real-time service integration capability for...
Monday, 08 April 2019
Ad-ID continues to grow and gain traction in the industry. The system provides essential tracking and measurement tools that benefit marketers and...
Thursday, 08 February 2018
Hi, it’s Will Kreth, the new executive director of EIDR (the Entertainment Identifier Registry).
Thursday, 08 February 2018
Some of the world’s biggest brands invest in radio every week.

Special Announcement

Ad-ID System Maintenance Sunday, 3/1
The Ad-ID system will be unavailable from 6:00am ET to 10:00pm ET (3:00am-7:00pm PT) on Sunday, March 1. This update is for maintenance only and will not include any changes to system functionality.

Brand Safety Institute Releases White Paper
Download the White Paper to learn about top 3 standard identifiers and why they are critical to the advertising supply chain.

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