Why Wait? Verance’s open standard watermark is ready for Ad-ID use now!

10/25/2017 -Ad-ID is the industry standard for identifying advertising assets, and the Verance watermark, specified for use with systems conforming to the ATSC 3.0 “Next-Gen TV” family of standards, is an open architecture audio watermarking and impression data exchange offering an ideal complement for advertisers looking for greater transparency and accountability. Technical standards were finalized in late 2016, and national broadcast field trials subsequently demonstrated the technology’s compatibility with the existing linear TV environment. 

Unlike other commonly used watermarks, which identify a specific piece of content, the ATSC/Verance watermark carries a time-varying embedded URL and can carry the Ad-ID as the “content identifier” as defined and supported in the ASTC standard (A/366) for identifying advertising content. This unique design enables the watermark to access arbitrary content-related information, including Ad-IDs, timecodes, and related metadata. Using this technology, advertisers can now redirect the dataflow from their watermarked content to servers of their choosing at any time. Switching vendors is now as simple as entering a new IP. The URLs that identify the data server contain standard internet DNS addresses, allowing the dataflow for watermarked content that is already in distribution to be redirected to a new vendor with a simple DNS registry change (including the 2.5 million Ad-IDs already served if the Verance watermark had been previously used). The redirection functions much in the same way web services are moved between hosting providers. 

Embedding the ATSC/Verance watermark in commercials allows advertisers to establish a direct, IP-enabled two-way connection with viewers, offering measurement, addressable advertising and dynamic ad insertion capabilities for linear television. Since the ATSC/Verance watermark is fully compatible with today’s broadcast technology, advertisers can begin to generate increased ROI for their media buys today. Tailored, personal, and targeted ads means more engaged viewers and a more receptive environment for advertising messages. 


Following from A to E, Aspect watermarking delivers competitive television experiences with the personalization that appeals to consumers, and addressable advertising in demand by advertisers.

New lightweight watermark readers designed for deployment at scale in all consumer viewing devices (TVs, computers, smartphones, and tablets), enable true, first-party census-like data collection with readers anticipated to be included in all new ATSC 3.0 compatible devices. Bulky set-top boxes, meters, and proprietary data based on small panels will be a thing of the past. 

Verance Corporation has a 20-year track record of delivering effective industry solutions, and ATSC’s selection to standardize the Verance watermark and the data return path systems is a win-win for advertisers and content providers who want the benefits of data and vendor portability without being restricted by proprietary or closed technologies. And advertisers can start realizing these benefits today.

Verance anticipates inviting Ad-ID industry partners to start using the technology in the first quarter of 2018, showcasing the effectiveness and flexibility of this tool that enables advertisers to broaden their control over two-way, addressable data and quickly adapt to a changing market.

To learn more, visit www.verance.com.

Jay Guyther