New Innovative Talent Payroll Field

10/25/2017 - Forging a new path for talent, traffic, and distribution.

Ad-ID has joined a dynamic collaborative effort that enlists cutting-edge expertise in several areas. The initiative teams technology leaders in talent payroll (The TEAM Companies), distribution (Adstream and Comcast), and traffic (ECN) to bring standardization and automation to the talent-distribution process while retaining the client’s flexibility of partner choice.

These forward-looking thinkers have developed APIs and integration points in the creative content supply chain, connecting their platforms to enable seamless transfer of information without rekeying. The result is increased efficiencies that minimize human error and create a streamlined workflow for advertisers, while allowing brands to leverage best-in-class providers for marketing and advertising services. 

“Competition exists, but collaboration like this moves the industry forward, and to that end our clients will benefit,” says Greg Smith, CMO at The TEAM Companies.

Ad-ID has added a new tab to its registry with two fields: The first identifies the Ad-ID of the commercial being referenced for talent payment. The second, used if the spot is a version, is for the Ad-ID of the base spot. The commercial record can be entered into Ad-ID once, at the point of origin, and shared electronically through each step in the creative supply chain. 

Tracking and paying talent have always been closely tied to traffic and distribution. Yet for years, each of these functions has had separate workflows operating independently, requiring the same commercial data to be rekeyed repeatedly. 

As each company continues to innovate and enhance its systems, even greater efficiencies will be realized. ECN’s online traffic portal and services have expanded to include delivering xml commercial traffic instructions to stations and networks. The TEAM Companies’ online rights management portal enables clients to track the license expiration of any element used in an advertising asset. An open API to the system provides Comcast and Adstream clients the added safety of an alert for expired licensed elements in a spot before it is distributed.

“We have connected our technologies and systems to give brands options and flexibility, which means faster time to air, the ability to make immediate changes, and fewer human errors,” said Angela Tietze, president of and CEO at ECN.

Mark Egmon
Vice President
Marketing and Corporate Communications
The Team Companies