CIMM and Ad-ID: Working Together Toward a More Effective, Efficient, and Open Future for Cross-Platform Measurement

11/01/2016 - As the media and advertising industry’s R&D arm, CIMM has a unique relationship with Ad-ID. CIMM focuses on advancing cross-platform measurement with a dual mission: to help spur technologies that improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of cross-platform and cross-device measurement and to help industry players reach a consensus on ways that the value of the content and advertising we collectively produce can best be maximized.

Ad-ID, in a number of significant ways, truly embodies what we hope to achieve. To that end, CIMM and Ad-ID have partnered on a number of vital initiatives over the past few years.


TAXI (Trackable Asset Cross-Platform Identification) is a CIMM initiative that uses standardized media identifiers for both content and ads to enable faster and more accurate tracking and audience measurement as video assets move across multiple screens. Think of it as a UPC code for media. Research has demonstrated the financial, research, and workflow benefits to the media industry supply chain that could result from the implementation of open and interoperable standards for asset identification. CIMM selected two standard media identifiers for this initiative: Ad-ID for ads and EIDR (Entertainment ID Registry) for content.

SMPTE and the Open Binding of IDs to Video

Working together with the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) Study Group, CIMM helped select a technical method for binding media identifiers into videos — a new open standard audio watermark. Currently, SMPTE is testing different audio watermarking vendors, and will make a selection before the end of 2016. The watermark containing Ad-ID or EIDR can be inserted post-production and used throughout the supply chain. Additionally, there are layers which can be used at the time of broadcast to embed time codes and station identifiers, which are necessary for audience measurement.

Standardized Distribution Specs for Video Ads

Most recently, in conjunction with Ad-ID, CIMM joined several other leading trade associations in the advertising, marketing, and video technology industries to create new guidelines for simplifying the distribution of digital video ads throughout the ad production sector.

The recommendations to be produced will be aimed at advertisers, agencies, and production houses engaged in the production of digital video on computers, smartphones, tablets, and traditional television. The goal is to develop standards and make recommendations that will simplify digital video advertising distribution.

These are just some tangible examples of the projects that CIMM and Ad-ID have jointly pursued, but our relationship goes much deeper and is based on a common goal: to help bring about adoption of standardized asset identification to enable greater speed and accuracy across the entire advertising ecosystem, including measurement. But it will only be possible if Ad-ID and these CIMM initiatives are embraced by everyone throughout the industry.

Jane Clarke
CEO and Managing Director
The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)