Reduces Ad Collision

If multiple ad servers and supply chain players (ad decisioning systems, demand side platforms, etc.) acknowledge a common identifier when inserting ads into the same video, they will reduce the possibility of the same ad running back to back.

Code and Metadata Validation

Have the option to validate the codes you receive and retrieve the associated metadata to reduce time spent on manual entry and costly human errors. Learn more about our Complete External Access (CEA) integration.

Reduce Risk of Scheduling Errors

With hundreds of thousands of ads distributed across many channels and platforms, a single, standard commercial identifier reduces the potential for costly scheduling errors and makegoods.

More Accurate Inventory of Ads

Having a unique identifier for each advertisement allows publishers to keep a more accurate inventory of assets. If a publisher receives an ad with the description “Summer Sale,” there may be several other “Summer Sale” spots in their inventory. A unique identifier differentiates each ad to avoid confusion.