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This area contains a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) associated with the Ad-ID system. You can browse the entire list, or filter the list based on the categories below:

Do credits in an account roll over forever?


No, credits will not roll over forever.  Credits will continue to roll over to the next usage period as long as there is activity on the account.  An account will be considered inactive if there is no activity for a 24 month period, including an absence of deposits or withdrawals to the account. Inactive accounts will be closed and any remaining credits will expire and be removed at that time. At no time are expired credits refunded to the account owner.

Can you go back and add information after a code has already been created?


Yes, you can add or edit code information at any time.  The parent company cannot be changed and there are limitations on editing the media type. Standard definition (SD) video with no HD or 3D codes may be changed. Media type may not be changed:

  • To or from Display Creative
  • From Video for High Definition (HD) and 3D codes
  • From Video if codes have been created with more than one definition format, e.g. SD with HD or 3D

Can we associate multiple products for a single Ad-ID code?


When choosing from the hierarchy, you can only choose one Product to associate to the code.  If you would like to indicate multiple products, you could choose "Other" from the hierarchy drop down and type in the values you'd like for the code.

Can users edit the Brand and Product for an individual Ad-ID record?


Yes, when editing a code, the Advertiser, Brand and Product fields can be edited.  Only the Parent company cannot be changed.

Can the Ad-ID system communicate with other systems?


Yes, we have RESTful web services available to allow other systems to integrate with Ad-ID. With the appropriate permissions, a company can pull data from Ad-ID into an internal system or create Ad-ID codes through an internal system which sends the data to Ad-ID. Customer service can provide a copy of the Ad-ID Services API document.

Can read-only users export metadata or run reports?


Yes, read only users can still export data.

Can I change the media type after a code is created?


Yes, however changing the media type is restricted. If you have created a video code in only standard definition (SD) with no matching high definition (HD) or 3D version, the media type can be changed.  The media type cannot be changed for high definition (HD) and 3D codes or for an SD code that has a matching HD or 3D code.  The media type also cannot be changed to or from Display Creative.

Are there any taxes or additional fees associated with Ad-ID - specifically for the cost of a code?


There are no taxes or additional fees associated with Ad-ID.

Are the Group and Account for an advertiser separate on the Ad-ID system?


Yes, an Account holds the billing information for the specified advertiser and the Group holds prefix(es) and Codes.