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This area contains a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) associated with the Ad-ID system. You can browse the entire list, or filter the list based on the categories below:

How do I update the parent company information for an advertiser?

If the parent company has changed or needs to be updated for an advertiser in the Ad-ID system, Ad-ID customer service are the only party who can make the change. Please email with name of the advertiser, new parent company information and any other information that needs to be updated (i.e Brand(s), Product(s)).

How do I gain access to my company's already exisiting Group, Prefixes, Codes and/or Accounts?


If your company is already using Ad-ID, the Administrator can add you via email invite. Regardless if you already have an Ad-ID log in or not, you will be notified via email to  register for Ad-ID (first time user) or that you have been added to a Group and/or Account (exisiting user). Please note the Account and Group are two seperate items on Ad-ID. An Account holds the billing information for the specified advertiser and the Group holds prefix(es) and Codes.

How do I find out if a company already has a licensed prefix?


You can download the Ad-ID prefix list here. The list provides all prefixes activated on Ad-ID as of the date of publication. You can also contact customer service who can search for a company and determine if they have a licensed prefix. Customer service will have access to the most up-to-date information regarding prefixes.

How do I determine how many credits are available in my account?


The right side of your Dashboard will list your accounts and the available credits.  You can also click on the account name to see additional details about the account credits and usage. 

Alternatively, you can access a group and click on View Account List on the right side of the group page and this will show the accounts associated to that group and the available credits.

How do I delete a code?


Codes cannot be deleted.  You can void a code, however, this will remove the code from your code list and credits are not refunded to an account for voided codes.

If you would like to use the code at a later date, do not use the Void feature and instead, you can edit the code information and use it at a later date.

How can I change my email address in my profile?


Users are not able to edit their email address.  If your company has changed the email structure, please contact Ad-ID customer service and we can update the email. 

If you have moved to a new company, a new log in should be created.  Ad-ID customer service can help direct you as to how to set up the new account with the appropriate access.

How are credits received and used?


Credits are purchased for each account.  On the site, there is a Purchase Credits feature where users can enter the amount of money they'd like to purchase and pay with a purchase order or credit card.  We also have a calculator feature available to assist with determining the amount.  When you create codes, you choose the account and the system will deduct the credits from the account.  1 credit equals $1.

Do you have to enter metadata?


There are fields on the Slate that are required to be completed in order to create a code, however, you do not have to complete any of the additional metadata.

Do you have non-profit rates?


Companies that qualify as a 501(c)(3) non-profit can provide Ad-ID with a copy of their IRS determination letter confirming their 501(c)(3) status to receive free codes.  All other companies are subject to the standard rates.

Do I need to register a prefix for every new spot that I need to code?


No, a prefix is licensed to a company and codes created for that company can use the same prefix. You would only need to purchase an Ad-ID code for a new spot, but do not need to register a prefix for every spot.