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This area contains a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) associated with the Ad-ID system. You can browse the entire list, or filter the list based on the categories below:

What does the information on the account page mean?


Transaction Log – shows the 100 most recent transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, that are made to the account

Account Details
Credits Available – the # of credits currently available on the account

Codes Available – the # of codes that can be created based on the Credits Available (estimates do not include special rate offers for specific media types)

Codes Created – the # of codes created during the current 12 month usage period

What does the anniversary date on the account mean?


The anniversary date resets the account back to a year-to-date account spend of $0. If you have credits remaining on your anniversary date, those existing credits roll over into the current 12-month period.

What do I need to do to get an Ad-ID code?

Ad-ID codes are created at so you will need to first register and create a log in.

A prefix is required in order to create a code.  The prefix is a 4-character combination that is licensed to an advertiser or agent and then all of their codes will begin with that prefix.  You can view our prefix list here to help determine if the company already has a licensed prefix or you can contact customer service for assistance. 

There is incorrect billing information on the invoice I received from Ad-ID. How do I fix that?


Within the account, invoices can be accessed in the Invoice Log.  The Administrator of the account and the user that made the purchase both have the ability to edit the invoice.

The drop down menus are not populating quickly. What can I do to speed it up?


In order for the Ad-ID system to work at optimal speeds, Ad-ID users should be using one of the following browsers.

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) +

Users should contact their IT department for assistance with upgrading your browser.

Is this system MAC compatible?


Yes, the system is MAC compatible.  Please contact customer relations if you run into any technical issues.

Is there a charge for both the SD and HD code?


No, if you are creating complimentary defintion codes (matching SD, HD and/or 3D codes where only the 12th character of the code varies), you are only charged for one code.

Is the Ad-ID code separate from the Nielsen tracking number?


Yes, these are 2 separate codes, however Nielsen’s KeepingTrac and Sigma link the tracking number in the content watermark to the Ad-ID code when it is provided to them. Nielsen currently utilizes Ad-ID to power products including competitive analysis and commercial verification at the national, syndication and local levels, and across media platforms. Similarly, should the industry move to commercial ratings, Ad-ID would be part of that solution.

Is the "Dashboard" specific to the User?


The dashboard shows the 100 most recently created codes across the groups that you have access to, no matter who created the code.  If you want to find codes only created by you, enter your email in quotes in the search slate (e.g., “”).

If more than one person is creating codes and you need to see all codes, where do you go?


If you have access to a group, you can go to that particular group and see all codes created in the group, no matter who created them.