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I am using a prefix with the custom format and would like the codes to be generated automatically moving forward. How do I change that?


Once codes are created under a prefix, there are limitations on changing the format. Prefixes set up with the custom 7 format cannot be changed once codes are created. Prefixes set up with the custom 4 format may be changed to the "4 digit code" sequenital format. The prefix Administrator would need to contact customer service to make the request and sign an authorization form.

Do I need to register a prefix for every new spot that I need to code?


No, a prefix is licensed to a company and codes created for that company can use the same prefix. You would only need to purchase an Ad-ID code for a new spot, but do not need to register a prefix for every spot.

How do I find out if a company already has a licensed prefix?


You can download the Ad-ID prefix list here. The list provides all prefixes activated on Ad-ID as of the date of publication. You can also contact customer service who can search for a company and determine if they have a licensed prefix. Customer service will have access to the most up-to-date information regarding prefixes.