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Ad-ID Code

How is Ad-ID used for Print and Internet?


Ad-ID is the industry standard for identifying advertising assets across all media platforms. Ad-ID is working with IDEAlliance on the print side and the IAB on the internet side to document how Ad-ID should be fully utilized in those workflows.

If I have different sizes of one digital banner ad, do I need to create an Ad-ID code for each size?


If the agency/company is sending out separate files due to the small difference in size, we recommend to create a separate Ad-ID code for each size. If you are sending the same file to all publications and they update the ad to fit their size, then you only need to create one code.

What happens if I register my prefix and codes with Ad-ID but another company uses my prefix and/or code outside of Ad-ID?


Ad-ID provides a unique prefix and code within the Ad-ID database. Ad-ID is the recognized authority for advertising coding just like the US government is the recognized authority for the social security number.   

The most common situation we have found is that a coding error is found during distribution and the person who made up the code, as opposed to registering it with Ad-ID, will have to provide a new code for their commercial.

How many possible codes can be created under a prefix?


This will vary depending on the format chosen.  The format options can be found here.  Assuming that a start code was not set and the prefix was starting from the very first code, following are the approximate calculations for each format.

4 digit code: approximately half a billion codes
1 digit year + 3 digit code: approximately 46 million (for each year digit)
3 digit code + 1 digit year: approximately 46 million (for each year digit)