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Ad-ID Consortium Gains Momentum

The Ad Consortium is off to a strong start. New members have joined this collaboration of stakeholders who play key roles in creating, distributing, tracking, and paying for ad content. Member companies currently include Adstream, Burns Entertainment, Comcast Wholesale, ECN, The TEAM Companies, Syncro, and Yangaroo. The group strives to streamline ad scheduling and distribution as well as to integrate the tracking of talent and licensed element use and payments across advertising assets. Read More >>>

CIMM and Ad-ID: Working Together Toward a More Effective, Efficient, and Open Future for Cross-Platform Measurement

As the media and advertising industry’s R&D arm, CIMM has a unique relationship with Ad-ID. CIMM focuses on advancing cross-platform measurement with a dual mission: to help spur technologies that improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of cross-platform and cross-device measurement and to help industry players reach a consensus on ways that the value of the content and advertising we collectively produce can best be maximized. Read More >>>

Comcast AdDelivery Integrates with Ad-ID

Comcast AdDelivery, which powers advertising distribution and management processes, integrated with Ad-ID in July 2016. AdDelivery is set up as a Selective External Access vendor on Ad-ID, allowing the AdDelivery team to retrieve individual code records, including related metadata, directly from the Ad-ID system. Read More >>>

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VAST Webinar FAQs

What is VAST 4.0 and why is it important?

Why is a UniversalAdId required within VAST 4.0?

Top Trade Groups Join Forces To Standardize Distribution Specs For Video Ads

Leading trade associations serving the advertising, marketing, and video technology industries are joining forces in a historic bid to create new guidelines for simplifying the distribution of digital video ads throughout the ad production sector. Ad-ID is proud to have a seat at this table on behalf of its parent associations, the ANA and the 4A’s. Read More >>>



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