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Ad-ID and Adobe Collaborate on Digital Ad Slate for XMP Version 1.0

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Schema Creates a Standard Format to Embed Advertising Identification Data in Advertising Assets through the Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP)

New York (Oct. 8, 2013) – Ad-ID, the recognized industry coding standard for identifying advertising assets across all media platforms and a joint venture between the 4A’s and ANA, today announced the Ad-ID Digital Ad Slate for XMP Version 1.0 at Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Conference in New York. XMP is an open international standard (ISO 16684-1), originally developed by Adobe. This new schema provides a consistent format for embedding Ad-ID information directly into the file of all video, display, print and radio advertising assets used by the digital advertising industry.

The combination of this Digital Ad Slate with the Advanced Media Workflow Association’s television equivalent represents standardized definitions for embedded identification data for all types of advertising assets across all media platforms, thus paving the way for true cross platform measurement.

“The emergence of cross-platform media, while innovative and exciting, does produce a number of complications for accurately creating, assigning and tracking advertising information,” said Harold S. Geller, Chief Growth Officer of Ad-ID. “The new Ad-ID Digital Ad Slate provides critical, standardized information for advertising assets that will not change as they pass through the digital marketing supply chain.” The identification information includes agency, advertiser, product, brand, title, size and more.

The use of the Ad-ID Digital Slate for XMP Version 1.0 enables the following:

·         Improved interoperability by allowing media to more easily and efficiently identify which ad should run on which platforms (e.g., radio, print, online, mobile, over the top, place based)

·         The automatic embedding of an advertising asset’s identification information directly into the asset, eliminating the time and errors associated with manual data re-entry

·         Simplified workflow for everyone in the marketing supply chain through a consistent digital standard that all platforms can recognize

·         More efficient and accurate tracking and measurement of key advertising assets throughout their cross-platform lifecycle

·         An established operational cross-platform compliance with the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), and ANA-4A’s Joint Policy Committee (JPC) mandate to use Ad-ID as the sole standard commercial identifier for radio and digital commercial production

“The goal of the open XMP standard is to enable metadata to travel across different file formats and systems. The Ad-ID Digital Ad Slate perfectly illustrates this idea and underscores Adobe's dedication to help support the interoperability of systems to solve real customer problems," said Leonard Rosenthol, Principal Scientist at Adobe.

“Our members are dealing with an ever increasing amount of complexity as cross-platform systems evolve day over day,” said Steve Sullivan, VP Advertising Technology at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). “The ability to embed static data into a physical creative represents a significant step toward improving cross channel advertising efficiency.”


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Ad-ID is the industry standard for identifying advertising assets (broadcast, print and digital) across all media platforms. The Ad-ID system was developed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's) and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in 2003. Ad-ID serves more than 800 clients including the largest advertisers and advertising agencies in the world. Ad-ID was named Media Supplier of the Year by Media Magazine in 2012. Visit

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