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Will it be required in DDS NetPak or SpotPak or Media Ocean's systems to schedule commercials using all 11 or 12 characters?


Mediaocean and other vendors will need to consult with their customers in this regard, as the clearinghouse initiative progresses, the need for data from other systems will be discussed, however the full Ad-ID code should be used in any system that references an Ad-ID.

For those clients that are not a signatory, do they need to use Ad-ID?


Whether one is a signatory or not is irrelevant. So long as a commercial is produced under the collective bargaining agreement with SAG-AFTRA, it must use Ad-ID. Many companies that are not signatories produce union commercials through third party signatories or are required to do so by union talent appearing in the commercials.

As long as the prefix is registered with Ad-ID, that is compliant with the SAG-AFTRA agreement, correct?


No, a code is not an Ad-ID code unless it is created on the Ad-ID system.  Creating your own, even if the prefix is registered, is equivalent to not using one at all and violates the requirement.

What are the best practices for when an Ad-ID code should be assigned to an advertising asset?


The Ad-ID code should be created at the time of contracting SAG-AFTRA talent. This allows appropriate tracking throughout the process. If the code identifying the advertising asset is not used at the outset, handling potential claims regarding talent compensation will only be more complicated and add costs to the process. The new contract also lays out circumstances where edits of commercials that were produced under the previous contract become subject to the new contract, those commercials need to be registered in the Ad-ID system.

Do I have to use the full Ad-ID code?


Yes. Using all 11 or 12 characters provides consistency with what is actually stored in the Ad-ID system and ensures all necessary parties are using the same identification.