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Commercial Definition

Do even test spot/animatics need to be assigned Ad-ID codes after march deadline, when hiring SAG VO performers?

Yes, if a payment is going to be processed through SAG, (i.e., pension and health) there must be an Ad-ID code attached to it. Otherwise, SAG/AFTRA/JPC will be unable to track activities.

What is to stop the union charging session fees for each occurrence of an ad that has many versions and hence many Ad-IDs?

There are acceptable edits, lifts, and tags that are considered "derivatives" of the original spot, and allowed within the original commercial. You should get to know these rules, and use the Ad-ID derivative function. The number of Ad-ID's has no relevance to the number of commercials produced under the commercials contract any more than changing ISCI or other identifiers were in the past.

Under what conditions do I need to re-slate a commercial?

If you edit, change, or otherwise alter a commercial in a manner that makes it subject to the new contract, it should be reslated with Ad-ID.