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Dynamic Ad Insertion Meets a Growing Need

Technology is driving a need for more flexibility in the TV advertising industry. Consumers now expect to be able to research, compare, and buy products with a few clicks, and advertisers need to keep pace. To reach their increasingly tech-savvy audience, TV advertisers should prepare to be more flexible in how and when they deliver their messaging. Read More >>>

Joining Forces to Tackle Challenges in Cross-Platform Video Advertising

The advertising industry is seeing a convergence between "traditional" linear/broadcast TV and digital video (video delivered over the internet to mobile, desktop, and OTT devices). Advertisers are now looking to run campaigns across all media with the goal of reaching their target audiences without having to worry about running and managing campaigns on separate platforms. Read More >>>



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Two More Companies Approved for CEA

Ad-ID is proud to announce that two new companies, Comcast Technology Solutions and Nielsen, have recently been approved for Complete External Access (CEA). Comcast Technology Solutions connects broadcast and digital distribution to deliver market-ready products and services across multiple platforms; Nielsen measures and monitors what consumers watch and buy on a global and local basis. Both companies are working to integrate CEA with their processes. Read More >>>



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