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Security & Confidentiality


Ad-ID is a commercial grade system that uses the most advanced protections for access and maintenance of the computer hardware, software, and network. Ad-ID uses 128 bit SSL encryption on all user specific pages. Specific details can be shared with authorized users who seek to make Ad-ID a mission critical component to their proprietary systems.


Confidentiality is at the core of the Ad-ID system.  

For example, if a user on the Ad-ID System has not specifically been granted access to codes created by Company X, they will not be able to see any codes or related metadata created for Company X.  Also, if a user is granted permission by Company X, they will only be able to access codes and metadata that they were given permission to view, not necessarily everything in the database related to that company.

Ad-ID offers companies External Access through Complete External Access (CEA) and Selective External Access (SEA), which have their own qualification and registration requirements.