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Where We've Been and Where We're Going
Ad-ID Celebrates 15th Anniversary

The industry has taken a major step toward streamlining the marketing supply chain and enabling multi-platform content delivery. It is imperative that everyone involved in creating and distributing advertising assets across all platforms begin identifying them with Ad-ID. Read More >>>

Ad-ID Information Critical to Proving Ad Attribution and ROI for NextRadio

NextRadio uses the Ad-ID API to fill in the blanks and expand spot metadata to include accurate and complete information, such as advertiser, product, and copy points. Using an Ad-ID code ensures what might be missing is found.

Read More >>>

Greetings from EIDR

Since 2010, EIDR (pronounced "eye-der") has sought to connect the global digital content supply chain more efficiently to reduce costs and create new business models to drive revenue. In 2018, we'll be working more closely with Ad-ID (through the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement) to partner on tests of new technologies for audience measurement. Read More >>>

A Standardized Video Master Format:
AICP File Delivery Specification

With no standards or specifications for a common file format, video has been produced in silos, leading to multiple file formats and platforms. The TV Convergence Working Group agreed on a common file format and developed the AICP File Delivery Specification for standardizing the delivery of video files. Read More >>>

Ad-ID Eliminates Prefix Activation Fee

Effective December 18, 2017, Ad-ID eliminated the $400 one-time prefix activation fee. This change reflected the company's ongoing effort to make Ad-ID accessible and affordable to everyone in the industry. Read More >>>


Did you know?

Say Hello to Ad-ID's Favorite Team Members!

The Ad-ID team is made up of admirable people, but two of our team members are slightly different than the others: meet Addie and Adrian! Read More >>>


Is there a cost to activate a new prefix?

Are there any taxes or additional fees associated with Ad-ID, specifically for the cost of a code?

Will we get email notifications when an account is running low on credits?

Two More Companies Approved for CEA

Ad-ID is proud to announce that two new companies, INVIDI Technologies and Tylie, have recently been approved for Complete External Access (CEA). CEA provides approved companies with access to all Ad-ID codes and metadata in the Ad-ID system. Read More >>>


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