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Two More Companies Approved for CEA

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ad-ID is proud to announce that two new companies, INVIDI Technologies and Tylie, have recently been approved for Complete External Access (CEA).

INVIDI Technologies is the world’s leading developer of addressable television technology, both in the U.S and around the world. It gives advertisers the ability to precisely reach their target audience, whatever and however they’re watching.

Tylie is a global distribution company that manages radio and TV delivery solutions. It partners with advertisers, agencies, and media companies to navigate the broadcast distribution landscape and leverage ads across multilevel platforms.

INVIDI and Tylie join the following companies approved for CEA:

  • CBS Interactive
  • Comcast Technology Solutions
  • Crown Media
  • Encompass
  • Nielsen
  • RSG Media
  • TagStation LLC
  • Yangaroo Inc.

CEA provides approved companies with access to all Ad-ID codes and metadata in the Ad-ID system. Companies using CEA must know the full 11- or 12-character Ad-ID code they are looking for to read associated metadata. Ad-ID information cannot be modified in any way through CEA.

Ad-ID users may choose to exclude codes from CEA on a code-by-code basis. If a code is not accessible through CEA, the companies using this service will receive confirmation only that it is a valid Ad-ID code and the name of the parent company to which the code’s prefix is registered. For more information, visit the External Access section of the Ad-ID website.