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Say Hello to Ad-ID’s Favorite Team Members!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Ad-ID team is made up of admirable people, but two of our team members are slightly different than the others: meet Addie and Adrian! Addie came to Ad-ID in 2013 and spends most of her time with our customer relations supervisor, Diana Bernard, in Massachusetts. Adrian is a bit newer to the team, as he came to us in 2016 and spends most of his time with Project and Data Manager Christine Donnelly in Charlotte, N.C. 

These two team members were given to Diana and Christine when they left the Ad-ID offices to work remotely. It is important to the Ad-ID family that everyone feels connected to the team no matter where they are in the world. Below are some fun facts about Addie and Adrian. 


  1. Her favorite pastime is watching the leaves change in Massachusetts.
  2. She has had her “pawsport” stamped in Texas and Massachusetts. She hopes to visit new places very soon.
  3. She enjoys dressing up for each holiday.


  1. He loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches. 
  2. He enjoys traveling and seeing new places. So far, he’s been to Wilmington and Charlotte in North Carolina; New York, N.Y.; and Paris and Lyon in France. He plans on going to the Netherlands and Germany soon. 
  3. His favorite pastime is hanging out at the park laughing at all the dogs who try to play fetch with him.