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Ad-ID Information Critical to Proving Ad Attribution and ROI for NextRadio

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Some of the world’s biggest brands invest in radio every week. The methods of proving attribution and ROI are becoming increasingly sophisticated and data-driven. 

Radio has positioned itself to report on metrics that advertisers want to see — like when their spots played, on what stations, how often, who was exposed to the ads, what that listener looks like, how he/she behaves, and even the actions taken after hearing an ad.

Capturing this information begins with the free NextRadio app. The app lets listeners tune to every local FM station using their phone’s built-in FM chip. Unique interactivity makes it easy to see what’s currently playing on-air, call or text a show, favorite a song, buy music, and even enter contests.

Ad-ID Fills Gaps to Deliver More Accurate Reporting on Spot Performance

NextRadio listening data is the source of Dial Report campaign performance analytics for brands and agencies. A key linchpin is spot information, which NextRadio pulls directly from station playout systems and traffic logs.

The problem is that there can be gaps or incomplete information about the advertising. That’s where Ad-ID comes in.

NextRadio uses the Ad-ID API to fill in the blanks and expand spot metadata to include accurate and complete information, such as advertiser, product, and copy points.

“Data coming out of the automation system doesn’t always tell the entire story,” says Chris Brown, NextRadio’s director of ad traffic and data analytics. “Using an Ad-ID code ensures what might be missing is found. It’s particularly helpful when we need specifics on multiple spots from one brand.” 

Let’s say Brown searches a station log for an Ad-ID code. He might see an ad that belongs to a car manufacturer. But with Ad-ID, NextRadio can determine the model being advertised, when the spot was created, and other important brand information potentially tied to the spot. 

“At NextRadio, we can say, ‘We are 100% sure this ad is for this model and here’s how it performed. Here’s an ad for another model, and how that performed.’ That’s what’s critical for radio to report on,” says Brown.

Advertisers that use Ad-ID have the advantage of receiving more performance information after the radio spots run. And the more they know, the better their decision-making.

“Ad-ID is the highest-quality source of metadata that we have. It is critical to us because it is absolutely correct, all the time,” says Ben Husmann, SVP of technology and product for NextRadio.

Liz Smith
Marketing Director