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Thursday, February 8, 2018

1. Is there a cost to activate a new prefix?

Answer: As of December 18, 2017, Ad-ID prefixes are free. Previously, there was a one-time prefix activation fee of $400. However, Ad-ID eliminated this cost to:

  • Support our mission to be the industry standard identifier
  • Make Ad-ID accessible to companies of all sizes
  • Remove the cost barrier for everyone involved in the advertising supply chain
  • Simplify the setup process by removing the registration fee

There are no changes to the cost of Ad-ID codes. Codes start at $5 per display creative code and $30 per code for all other media types.

2. Are there any taxes or additional fees associated with Ad-ID, specifically for the cost of a code?

Answer: There are no taxes or additional fees associated with Ad-ID.

3. Will we get email notifications when an account is running low on credits?

Answer: By default, accounts are not set up to receive notifications. The account administrator can choose to be notified when an anniversary date is approaching or when the balance is running low, and set the frequency and balance amount for these notifications.