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Mandate Q&A

This area contains Q&A regarding the SAG/AFTRA Ad-ID Mandate. Answers are provided by the JPC.

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Under what conditions do I need to re-slate a commercial?

If you edit, change, or otherwise alter a commercial in a manner that makes it subject to the new contract, it should be reslated with Ad-ID.

The requirement is only for TV and Radio codes, so do I have to use Ad-ID for other media?

There is inefficiency in the operations, administration and measurement of ad assets across all media platforms that use union talent. Registering ALL assets will spur innovation, reduce material lead times, and save money for the entire marketing and communications ecosystem.

Is union work in mobile apps covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)?

Only if the produced creative can be classified as a "commercial" under the collective bargaining agreement.  While the odds are that apps are not covered, it would have to be determined on a case by case basis.

Is there a distinction between a promotional video used on a "spectacular" device like a Jumbotron? Or a commercial exhibited on a "spectacular". Is this considered "digital"

Exhibiting a commercial on a Jumbotron is a covered use and is considered "industrial" under the commercials contract.

Is everyone aware of this requirement? Who has been notified?


The Ad-ID requirement has been, and will continue to be, broadly communicated throughout the marketing ecosystem.

If the commercial title I enter into Ad-ID is not the same as the slate put on the commercial, what should I do?


There needs to be coordination between the producer and the person creating the Ad-ID code so the information is correct.

If a video for broadcast is used in the client's home page on their website, and no other online sites does that require the "digital" session fees to be paid?

If classified as a "commercial" under the commercials contract, such a production would be known as  "made-for" and require the fees specified in the union agreement. This is the same process as existed in the past.

How does using Ad-ID help with talent compensation?


Today's system of varied advertising identifiers and manual calculations risks accurate talent residual payments across media platforms. Using Ad-ID enables more accurate tracking and accounting, as part of the Clearinghouse Initiative.

How does this requirement impact ad units specifically made for internet?

Video ads created specifically for the Internet which use union talent must be registered with Ad-ID.

How does this impact other companies, besides advertisers and agencies?


All companies should adopt best practices and be sure that any advertising assets that use union talent are consistently using Ad-ID codes.