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External Access

External Access Overview

External Access is the capability through which approved companies can access Ad-ID codes and related metadata stored in the Ad-ID system. By accessing Ad-ID metadata through integration with web services, approved companies are able to verify a code is valid and quickly obtain the associated data. There are two types of External Access: Complete External Access (CEA) and Selective External Access (SEA).

Complete External Access (CEA)

Complete External Access provides approved companies with access to all Ad-ID codes and selected metadata in the Ad-ID system. Companies using CEA must know the Ad-ID code they are looking for in order to validate the code or read the associated metadata. Ad-ID information cannot be modified in any way through CEA.

CEA simplifies the process by which advertisers and agencies share the advertising identification data required by media networks for cross-platform commercial management and other operational necessities. The identification data that is currently shared with media networks through manual processes is the same data that will be shared with these companies automatically through CEA. CEA allows companies to improve their verification abilities, reducing the risk of errors and eliminating confusion related to the identity of advertising assets. Establishing a standard format for sharing information will improve the efficiency and accuracy of measurement in the industry.

CEA is available to media outlets and online publishers; other companies must apply and be approved. Companies that do not qualify for CEA can use Selective External Access (SEA) (description below). Click here to view a list of companies using CEA.

Users of the Ad-ID system who are creating and editing codes may choose to exclude codes from CEA on a code by code basis. If a code is not accessible through CEA, the companies using this service will only receive confirmation that it is a valid Ad-ID code and the name of the parent company to which the code’s prefix is registered.

Validation Only CEA

Validation Only Complete External Access is another function of CEA which provides companies with access to all Ad-ID codes. Users with Validation Only access will not have access to CEA as described above. This service will only confirm whether or not a known Ad-ID is valid or not and provide the parent company of the Ad-ID (if available). Click here to view a list of companies using CEA.

More information on CEA and its benefits can be found here. More information on CEA specifications can be found here.

Selective External Access (SEA)

Selective External Access provides users the ability to give specific vendors, such as commercial delivery companies, access to individual Ad-ID codes and related metadata.   

This is a read-only service which includes all fields available through our standard web services, including the slate and extended metadata. Individual vendors may choose to pull data only from specific fields.

By default, all codes created on the Ad-ID system are not accessible to companies using SEA. Users of the Ad-ID system who are creating and editing codes must select the codes that particular vendors will have access to. If a company using SEA has not been granted access to a specific code, they will not be able to access any metadata related to that code.